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A Knowledgeable Elder Law Attorney is Essential

Elder Law Attorney Jacksonville FL. As you grow older, you look for doctors that specialize in the health concerns of aging people. Your attorney should be no different. We are uniquely positioned to help with the foundational planning you have already done while preparing you and your family for the challenges aging Americans face.

As Elder Law attorneys, we help you plan for a variety of issues, including (i) basic estate planning for you, your spouse, and the generations after, (ii) long-term care planning, (iii) asset protection and placement, (iv) and much more.

Our planning addresses legal, financial, medical and social issues more and more aging Americans face every day. Legacy Law Group is the best Jacksonville Elder Law Attorneys, which will never leave you alone during a crisis.

Why A Will is Not Enough

A will is a good start; however, there are many other factors that must be weighed to determine whether it is enough. Are you eligible for Medicaid or Veterans Administration pension benefits? Do you or your spouse have degenerative health conditions? Are you concerned that money or property you leave your children may be taken by a creditor or an ex-spouse? Are you or your loved ones facing mounting health care costs due to injury or illness?

Based on your specific situation, we can create a customized plan that focuses on protecting your assets while promoting a high quality of life.

Planning Regardless of Your Net Worth

Proper planning is essential regardless of your net worth. In fact, most middle class families will suffer more financially during a health crisis than those who are extremely wealthy or extremely poor. Protect what you have worked all your life for. Take the necessary steps to continue providing for those you love once you are gone.

Averting A Crisis

Are you or a loved one already dealing with a long-term health event? If so, there is still time to avert a crisis. We can take steps today to “stop the bleeding” of your life savings so that you can preserve as much as possible for your family.

What Are You Waiting For?

Searching for Elder Law Attorney Jacksonville? You have a choice; plan now or react later. Let us help you plan today. This is what we do, and we do it well.

What is Elder Law?

The focus of Elder Law is the people served in this important area — seniors and their families. Healthcare costs are rising at a rate faster than most people’s finances can afford and for now we are more focusing on Elder Law Jacksonville FL.

People are living longer because of advances in medicine and healthcare. In fact, while everyone has heard that 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day, many don’t realize that the fastest growing segment of the American population is people age 80 and over.

Planning to protect your nest egg for when, not if, a long-term care event strikes your family may make all the difference in the world when it comes to your ability to leave a legacy.

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