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Choosing the right attorney is always extremely important, but nowhere is this more critical than when you need legal help to protect the future of yourself, your loved ones, and your business. Legacy Planning Law Group has worked hard to earn the confidence of clients and has developed a stellar reputation for excellence and compassion.  You don’t need to take our word for it, however. Please read through some of the testimonials given by our clients:

Legacy Planning Law Group Customer Testimonials

"I recently met with Bill O’Leary of the Legacy Planning Law Group for assistance in creating a will. Bill was extremely knowledgeable and very professional throughout the process and I am comfortable in knowing that I now have a plan that protects the members of my family. I would recommend Legacy Planning Law Group to anyone who may have a need in this area. This group does indeed deserves a 5-star rating. Thank you"
Mary Runice
"Planning for retirement brought up many questions that my wife and I didn’t have answers for. The Legacy Planning Law Group was extremely helpful in explaining the options available for us including many items that we had not thought of. Their explanations were clear and technical items were explained in a way that allowed two medical professionals to understand the implications of our decisions. We now have the documents in place that will allow our wishes to be known to our children and provide support to our grandchildren for their education. I encourage anyone to consult with the Legacy Planning Law Group to help with their planning for the future."
Don Wood
"I searched for a highly rated law firm that specialized in wills and estate planning. Several of my neighbors suggested Legacy Planning Law Group. After sitting down with them I realized there was no need to search further. They have been understanding, prompt, informative and very thorough in their advice and services."
Scott Norman
"We initially recognized that Bill’s value system was similar to ours. We explained what we wanted to accomplish and he clearly identified the issues and alternatives in a way that was easy to understand. He was willing to customize an approach that made us feel comfortable as we developed our final products."
Sue and Jim Coleman
"We contacted the legacy planning law group at the recommendation of our financial advisor. It was the best advice we got. They were very responsive to our needs and made the process painless. They have my highest recommendation."
Chris and Dede Leclaire
"After moving to Florida my wife and I wanted to find an attorney that was experienced in estate planning. We asked our financial adviser who got us a list of recommended Law groups, and that is how we met Bill. After meeting Bill O’Leary, Jennifer Singh, and Jeanette Saville we found them not only very professional but also very pleasant and helpful to work with. Our experience with them guiding us through setting up a living trust has been stress-free and very informative. We would highly recommend Bill and his staff to anyone needing his service."
Ralph and Mary McHardy
"I was referred to Legacy Planning Group by my Financial planner. I first met with Bill O’Leary and just talked. I answered his questions and he answered mine. He then went through a detailed description showing me how my wishes are to be met. When I walked out of that first meeting I knew I was in the right place. All subsequent meetings met all my expectations with a warm and inviting staff."
Sharon Bowden
"After waiting far to long, my husband and I recently decided we must update our Wills and end of life planning. We followed a recommendation to visit Bill O’leary and Legacy Planning Law group. I’m happy to say the experience there was pleasant, painless and very successful.. Bill and his team were great at explaining all the options and details and answering questions. We feel confident and comfortable with our new plans. I would recommend them without hesitation."
Don and Ann Thompson
"Bill O’Leary and his Legacy Planning Law Group were recommended to us by our financial advisors. Upon meeting Bill at their office we were immediately impressed with him and chose to work with Bill and his team. We required multiple trusts within the formation of our estate plan. In setting them up, Bill went about explaining them, and responded to our questions and concerns in a caring and thoughtful manner, giving us the ease of comfort in knowing that we were receiving the very best in legal advice and legacy planning services. All the documents, including our trusts, were expertly prepared, comprehensive in addressing contingencies and understandable. We expect that Bill and his staff at Legacy Planning will be a continuing resource for us in the future. We very highly recommend them."
Barry and Cindy Natter
"When my wife and I relocated from Napa California to Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Florida. One of the challenges is finding a trustworthy, credible, experienced, knowledgeable and highly educated Estate Planning Attorney in the area. Through a referral from the Office of Catholic Foundation, Inc – St. Augustine Dioceses. We came to know, Legacy Planning Law Group, headed by Attorney Bill O’Leary. Bill has all the criteria we’re looking for from an Estate Planning Attorney. During his presentation on Living Trust/Estate Planning, he made us comfortable by translating the legalese in the preparation of a Living Trust, into a plain “layman terminology”, easy to understand. Proud and confident, that my wife and I made the right choice to entrust Bill all our estate planning needs."
Max and Sylvia Balbarez
"Working with our Financial Advisor recently the subject of a Will came up, ours was dated 27 September 1982, she recommends that Bill O’Leary’s LEGACY PLANNING LAW GROUP could help us out. With one short (one hour) meeting with Bill we were on our way to success. We signed up for a JOINT REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST, WILLS, LIVING WILLS, HEALTH CARE POWER OF ATTORNEY, PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION, and DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY. All the things we needed to protect our assets and take care of descendants. All of these needed the exchange of information, LEGACY was very accommodating for us, Jeanette (Paralegal) and we did everything via email. She sent a workbook for gathering information and we sent back the information via email. Brittany (Funding Coordinator) lead us through the transferring of assets into the trust. Again, we accomplished this using email, except signing letters giving consent to re-title the assets into the name of the trust. One more meeting (one- and one-half hour) for signing all the documents and getting the binder book with all the information needed to handle our estate. Bill, Jeanette, Jennifer, and Brittany are very professional, patient, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with each member of this team. We would recommend that anyone looking for these services that they choose the LEGACY PLANNING LAW GROUP."
Bob and Darlene Guess
"Estate Planning can be stressful but Bill O’Leary and his team at Legacy Planning Law Group made this an understandable, comfortable and easy process. Bill explained the many options available to ensure that my special needs daughter is protected and well cared for once I am gone. Thank you for your support and excellent service!"
Marge Holtsinger
"The Legacy Planning Law Group took great care of us. They patiently answered all of our questions so that we were able to make informed decisions. I have already recommended them to several people!"
Troy and Briana Tremble
"Our experience with Ms. Singh in creating a Family Trust and all the corresponding documents that went with it was both easy and comprehensive at the same time. The Legacy Planning Law Group has developed a methodology that allows for any level of intricacies you might require or need depending upon your circumstances. Both my wife and I would strong recommend considering Legacy for your Trust needs."
Jim and Jackie Schierhorn
"Bill, Lee and I are relieved that our wills, trust and other documents are finally in order. Our goal at our first meeting was to make things as easy as possible for our children when we pass– we are now comfortable that will be the case. Many thanks for the professional job you and your staff did in explaining everything, making us feel comfortable and completing our documents in a timely manner. We recommend your services for anyone trying to get their estates in order for their descendants."
Lee and Kaye Simonetta
"Bill and his staff were wonderful to work with. Everyone was professional very knowledgeable and wanted to be sure they understood our goals. Bill and his team prepared and provided us with exactly what we needed for protecting our assets, and completed the process in an acceptable timeframe. Bill and his team took the time to fully explain the documentation and walked us through the process. We will definitely encourage friends and family to contact Bill if they are thinking of estate planning."
Commie and Mary Dunn
"Legacy Planning Law Group turned our uncertainty and fear into a strategic plan. This has given us the confidence to know that we can save our life-long assets and still qualify for Medicaid should that occur. All within the law and without the nuclear option of divorcing (after 33 years) just to try to protect or divert assets ownership. There is a lot of bad advice out there. Don’t try any of this without professionals like Bill and Jennifer. When I came in to meet, Jennifer calmly and astutely made my worst fears disappear. My follow-up plan that I purchased was nothing short of amazing. Florida laws for Probate, Medicare, Medicaid, Guardianship, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Wills….are all overwhelming to try to understand. I highly recommend Legacy Planning Law Group to navigate all of it for me!"
Jim and Linda Dustin
"We recently completed estate planning for my Mother with Legacy Planning Law Group. Both Bill O’Leary and Jennifer Singh were professional and caring throughout the process, explaining items thoroughly in understandable terms and answering many questions. My Mother has now breathed a great sigh of relief since the planning process is finished. I will certainly recommend Legacy Planning Law Group in the future!"
Pricilla Stover
"I recently completed a task we all put off too long. I finalized my will, health surrogate, power of attorney & living will. The Legacy Planning Law Group really made it simple. The staff was so nice & professional it was like I was the most important person in the world. To my surprise, the cost was a lot lower than I expected . Bill took real good care of me & brought up things I would have never thought of. It pays to talk with a expert."
M. Alice Thomas
"I would highly recommend Legacy Planning Law Group. Mr. O’Leary is so professional, kind and caring. In planning our little estate he didn’t try to sell us more than we needed. Estate planning can be expensive, but I was impressed with the cost for all we received. Everyone should plan their estate no matter how large or small. I also want to thank Jennifer and everyone I spoke to at the firm. You guys are the best!"
Larry and Lorraine Bills
"We recently reached out to Bill O’Leary and associates to update our complete estate planning. This office handled every step of this with complete professionalism while making us feel very comfortable with questions and changes requested. Our signing day was very enjoyable with each person involved. We highly recommend Bill O’Leary and his team for a complete service."
Jerry and Lynda Dresch
"We had a good experience with Legacy Planning Law Group. Bill O’ Leary, Jennifer Singh and Jeanette Saville were very pleasant, helpful and professional. We recommend using them."
Fred and Carol Richardt
"We had a very pleasant experience working with Legacy Planning Law Group. We were made to feel welcome from the first moment we walked in the door. The attention we received was very personal, not what one would necessarily expect from attorneys. Not only did we feel welcomed, but the advice and follow through which we received was first rate. We would highly recommend Legacy Planning Law Group."
Jim McGoogan
"My wife and I are very pleased with the way your firm explained in detail why our prior estate settlement plans, including the living will and our prior last will and testament, the insurance policies, and our bank savings & checking account, would not pass the test of avoiding probate court, the cost of which would have eaten up our limited savings account and life insurance policies on my wife & me. We have followed your advice in making appropriate beneficiary changes on our life insurance policies; as well as co-signature changes on our Savings & Checking accounts. Your finished documents were easily understood, arranged in a great, well indexed, hard-cover Manual, so that our appointed estate settlement person will be able to easily, safely & legally carry out our wishes. Thanks for spending the many hours that have placed us in this restful & happy position. I really believe it was an act of God that put us in contact with your firm."
Jerry and Eileen Felten
"My wife and I were new to Florida and needed to do estate planning. Bill O’Leary of the Legacy Planning Law Group was great to deal with. He was professional, informative and very responsive to our requests for information and needs. We were very satisfied with the final estate plan the developed for us"
Ed and Diane Loeb
"We want to thank Bill, Jennifer, Jeanette and the entire staff for all your help and guidance on helping us through probate and the establishing of our family trust and all that goes with it. At times it seemed a little overwhelming with everything involving and understanding the trust but you and your staff made it a point to explain and walk us through every step. We now have a peace of mind knowing that our children will not have to go through the process of probate but will know our wishes."
Mark and Judy Stogdon
"Fantastic group of people. Very professional and helped me and my family tremendously. I wish to thank them for their tremendous service! Well done many kudos!"
John Merlin
"It was a pleasure working with Bill and his excellent staff. I recently had Bill put together my trust. I had no problem following his instructions gathering all the information he needed to put the documents together. He really took the time to explain to me the “ins and outs” of how my trust works. He explained things in way that made it very easy for me to understand. I would highly recommend Bill and his staff to my friends."
Catherine Pate
"We recently used your firm for our estate planing. Your staff explained the details in the plainest terms. Your professionalism gained our immediate trust. You do what you say you will. We will have questions, and we are assured you will be by our side. I will recommend you and your firm to anyone needing this service."
Scott Ashley
"I was very pleased with the service I received from Bill O’Leary and the Legacy Planning Law Group. My will, powers of attorney and trust documents were created in a responsive, timely, and professional manner … just the way I like it."
Bill and Karen Bills
"Bill O’Leary and the Legacy Planning Law Group were recommend to us by our financial advisor to prepare our family trust and health directives. Bill took us step-by-step through the entire process, explaining everything in layman’s terms that we could understand. Bill and Jeannette listened carefully to our concerns, answered all our questions and then developed a program tailored to our specific needs. Their professionalism and frequent follow-up put us at ease with the entire process. My wife and I would highly recommend Bill and his Team to anyone needing legal advice about preparing a will or trust."
Charlie and Terri Turner