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Will & Trust Contests

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The reading of a last will and testament has frequently served as a plot point in movies and television shows over the years. In many cases the beneficiaries’ inheritance is contingent upon some humorous requirement or it is an opportunity for the off-screen deceased individual to have the last word. When there is a real issue with a trust or will, however, the experience is no laughing matter.

Whether the dispute involves a question of the document’s legitimacy, a perceived omission, an issue with the death tax, or an error in drafting, a will can be contested. Even wills that are subject to probate can be contested in the state of Florida. Challenges to a trust or will can be initiated by any interested person including a spouse, children or other heirs, creditors, and other potential claimants regardless of their relationship to the decedent. Even beneficiaries from an earlier version of a will, whose interests had been reduced or eliminated by a new will, have the legal right to contest the latest version.

There are many reasons why someone might contest a will or trust. We are well-equipped to handle all manner of will and trust disputes whether you are initiating the process or objecting to it. If a will or trust needs to be contested, however, time is of the essence so make sure you contact us right away to get the process started.

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