Post-Death Administration

The death of a loved one is hard enough. Dealing with the administration of their estate or trust only adds to the stress and anxiety of the moment. With a dedicated team and trusted legal counsel, Legacy Planning Law Group knows that the best way to help our clients through this difficult time is to explain the process and show them the way when facing an estate or trust administration in Florida. If you’re interested in learning more about our post-death administration services and our unique Estate Settlement Program, please book your free 15-minute phone call with us today!


Post-death administration refers to how a deceased person’s legal and financial affairs are handled after death. If the deceased dies owning any assets at all, there is a process to deal with those assets in a way that protects heirs and creditors. Their estate will have to be administered, a process we call estate administration. This is where the deceased’s estate is handled and ultimately closed. The scope of the estate administration process will depend on several important factors. For example, did the deceased have a last will and testament? If they did, then that will help the process because their wishes will be known. If they did not have a will, then the State of Florida will determine who gets what and when.

Sometimes the court system must be involved with the estate administration. That will depend on the type of assets that the deceased had. Certain types of assets have to go through the probate court in order to pass to heirs, whether the deceased had a will or not. Other assets do not need court supervision and can pass directly to beneficiaries. The estate administration process will figure out what needs to be done. If the deceased died with a trust in place, then a similar process takes place called trust administration. That is where the assets of the trust are handled and ultimately distributed to the trust beneficiaries. Sometimes it is necessary to undertake a trust administration as well as a probate estate administration at the same time. Contact our legal team team at (904) 372-1591 for help managing the post-death administration process in Florida. 

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