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Effective special needs planning often involves creating a special needs trust in Florida. Special needs trusts are a critical component of effective estate planning if you have a loved one with a disability for whom you wish to provide after your passing. A special needs trust is the most effective way to help your child with a disability. The trustee of a special needs trust manages resources while also maintaining the child’s eligibility for public assistance benefits such as SSI and Florida Medicaid.

A common type of special needs trust is called a third party trust, where someone other than the special needs individual sets up the trust for the benefit of the person with special needs. Usually, parents and grandparents set up third party special needs trusts. These types of trusts either can be established as a stand-alone trust created during the lifetime of the parent or grandparent, or it can be contained within an existing living trust that comes into existence after you pass away.

A third-party trust is funded with the parent’s or grandparent’s assets (instead of the special needs individual’s assets).  Our Florida estate planning attorneys can help you establish the right trust for your special needs loved one in Duval County, depending on your unique special needs planning goals.

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