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Estate Planning for Second Marriages in Jacksonville

Avoid Family Conflict With Second Marriage Planning

Second chances in life can bring a lot of joy, especially when it comes to getting remarried. Tying the knot again, however, can present some unique challenges that need to be addressed to avoid drama and legal difficulties down the road. Planning how your estate plan provides financial support for your new ‘blended family’ members from different marriages is extremely important.

It is never too early to start talking about what happens when you die and who is going to get what. If you’ve been married more than once, and especially if you have children from multiple marriages, we can help you to create a clear and comprehensive estate plan that can help ensure your wishes are followed and the risk of family infighting is dramatically reduced.

When we help clients with second marriage planning, we will address the many questions that require direct answers. Since most second marriages occur after each party has their own set of assets, it is important to know what should happen to these items should one spouse or both spouses pass away. Each spouse may, for example, have a different set of objectives when it comes to passing belongings on to their children. If each party clearly expresses their intentions through legal documents, there will be no misunderstandings and everyone will get the assets that you want them to receive.

Estate planning for second families requires a mix of candor, communication, and very carefully crafted legal documents. While this is not always a comfortable process, it is much better to work through it now so your loved ones can avoid even more painful legal proceedings after you are gone. Contact us by calling or emailing us to set up a consultation.