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Assets can be aligned in two ways. One way is to transfer assets into the trust thereby changing ownership into the name of the trust. Another way assets can be aligned is to keep them outside of the trust but direct the assets to be paid to the trust at death through a beneficiary designation, where the trust is designated as the beneficiary.

Some assets should be retitled into the trust, while other assets are best suited for keeping out of the trust but designating payment to the trust at death. Some assets cannot be retitled into a trust. And while some assets can be retitled into a trust, it may not be a good idea because certain asset protection benefits would be lost. So how is each asset to be handled? That’s where an experienced estate planning attorney can provide advice and counsel. Each asset should be reviewed carefully to determine which approach is best. Regardless of which approach is used, all assets should be properly “aligned” with the trust.

Aligning assets with a trust, sometimes known as funding a trust, is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any estate plan. If you create a trust to avoid probate, manage your assets, or save money on taxes, ensuring that your assets are properly aligned with your trust is the key to the trust’s success. When you modify and update your estate plan in the future, asset alignment in your Florida plan remains just as important as it was the day that you first established the trust.

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