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Healthcare Proxy

Be Leery of Generic Health Care Proxy Forms.

Be Leery of Generic Health Care Proxy Forms.

If you go to the hospital, you may be presented with a health care proxy form to sign on being admitted. While it might seem easy to sign a generic health care proxy form, having a document that is specifically tailored to your needs is very important.

A health care proxy form, also known as an advance medical directive, allows you to appoint someone else to act as your agent to make medical decisions for you when you are unable to make them yourself. It should also include a Living Will that states what your wishes are for end of life care.

An advance medical directive takes effect only when you require medical treatment and a physician determines that you are unable to communicate your wishes concerning what that treatment should be. Appointing someone to serve as your agent helps ensure that your wishes will be carried out when a crisis occurs.

While an advance medical directive serves to appoint an agent to speak for you, you can also use it to give the agent guidance about your medical wishes. The following are some issues that can be addressed in an advance medical directive:

  • The name of the person authorized to act for you. It is good to appoint an alternate as well in case your primary agent is unable to assist you.
  • If you are terminally ill, in a coma, or have brain damage with no hope of recovery, you can explain the kind of treatment you do not want. For example, do you want to be kept alive by machines if you are in a persistent vegetative state?
  • Under what circumstances you want pain medication to be administered.
  • Whether you want to donate your organs.
  • Whether you want to be cremated or buried and where and how your remains should be disposed of.

Whatever choices you make, you should take time to consider your health care wishes before drafting an advance medical directive. For this reason, signing a generic hospital form is not a good idea, as such a form will not take your individual wishes into account. Instead, you should work with an estate planning attorney to have a proper advance medial directive prepared that reflects your personal wishes. In addition, if you already have an advance medical directive as a part of your estate plan, the generic form will revoke your more personal advance medical directive.

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Covid kids

Now that Seniors are vaccinated will Covid be more prevalent in Youth?

Now that Seniors are vaccinated will Covid be more prevalent in Youth?

This is a question to be given some thought. Initially the COVID vaccine is available to first responder’s and people in the healthcare fields and then it goes by age ranging from highest to lowest. It is also available for those who are considered high risk. But where does that leave the rest of the population? Covid knows know age limit and has been pretty indiscriminate about who it affects. Although the prior categories are more susceptible, there is concern that those left unvaccinated will continue to carry or obtain the virus, thus not completely ending the pandemic. While vaccinating who we are able to brings hope and promise to a possible end to the pandemic, there is still concern about how long the pandemic will endure until vaccinations are available to everyone. Some pose arguments that the young should be vaccinated first, vaccinate the young to protect the old. They reference past flu viruses and how they were handled as a valid point. Some say healthy young people might not be able to get the coronavirus vaccine until 2022. Other’s stick to the original theories of vaccinating the most susceptible and working our way down to the youth. They argue we must take care of the immediate danger and then begin the prevention cycle.

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