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The first step on the journey to owning your own business is having a great idea. The second step is to legally form your business. This involves drawing up legal documents and having them properly filed with the state. This is an extremely important step because it creates the legal structure for your business arrangement, and equally critical, it protects your personal assets from the liabilities of your business.

There are many different options when creating your business, and making the right decisions now will help you to avoid problems down the road. Corporate documents need to be carefully customized to properly fit the circumstances of each person or group of individuals. To start with, you need to decide how your business should be structured. Do you want to start an LLC (limited liability corporation) or a corporation? If you want to go with a corporation, should it be an S corporation or a C corporation? There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, and making the right choice up front is critical.

We work with many business owners seeking asset protection often provided by other business forms. We also work with owners of businesses whose needs are changing and whose form of business no longer serves their best interests

Even after the business has been formed, there are ongoing legal needs such as contracts and other types of business transactions. There are obligations that must be completed. Annual filings and meetings, for example, may be required. Having everything properly set up by a qualified attorney can help ensure the legalities of your business don’t get in the way of actually creating a successful business.

In addition to creating your business, you need to think about what will happen to it when you want to retire, or should you become incapacitated or even die. This is known as business succession planning and we can help you with that as well.

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